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My number one priority is West Dunbartonshire and the people who live here.

This website is where you can find out about me, my work in West Dunbartonshire and in Parliament.

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Latest News

Local MP takes treasury to task over tax on Scotch whisky

Posted 30.01.2015

West Dunbartonshire MP Gemma Doyle stood up for local jobs this week as she pressed the Government to look again at tax on whisky.

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Local MP demands apology for Faslane workforce after ‘sickening’ comments

Posted 28.01.2015

Gemma Doyle MP has demanded that Plaid Cymru Peer Dafydd Wigley apologises to the workforce at HMNB Clyde after he drew parallels between their jobs and the work done at the Auschwitz Nazi death camp.

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West Dunbartonshire MP supports freeze on fracking in Scotland

Posted 27.01.2015

Local MP Gemma Doyle has backed Scottish Labour’s plans to stop onshore fracking in Scotland.

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Local MP demands a pay rise for West Dunbartonshire

Posted 21.01.2015

Gemma Doyle MP challenged David Cameron today (21 January) over his failure to increase wages for the lowest paid in West Dunbartonshire.

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Local MP renews criticism of Tory austerity plans

Posted 15.01.2015

West Dunbartonshire MP Gemma Doyle has repeated her criticism of the Tory Government’s austerity plans, saying there is a different way to balance the books.

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SNP Government sitting on a ‘treasure chest’ whilst Councils starved of cash

Posted 08.01.2015

Local MP Gemma Doyle and MSP Jackie Baillie have criticised the SNP Government for failing to spend almost half a billion pounds of available money on vital public services in Scotland.

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Gemma Doyle MP secures assurance on Scotland’s nuclear response capability

Posted 05.01.2015

West Dunbartonshire MP and Shadow Defence Minister Gemma Doyle has received assurances from the UK Government that one of Scotland’s most important nuclear facilities will not be closing its doors.

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Local MP says scrap the bedroom tax for Christmas

Posted 19.12.2014

West Dunbartonshire MP Gemma Doyle joined Labour MPs in Parliament this week to vote against the Government’s hated Bedroom Tax.

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Local MP delivers Christmas cheer to West Dunbartonshire postal offices

Posted 17.12.2014

West Dunbartonshire MP Gemma Doyle visited Royal Mail’s Alexandria, Dumbarton and Clydebank Delivery Offices to pass on Christmas wishes to hardworking posties.

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Gemma Doyle MP slams Chancellor for failing on the economy

Posted 05.12.2014

West Dunbartonshire MP Gemma Doyle has demanded that Chancellor George Osborne apologise for driving down living standards in West Dunbartonshire.

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